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Oberion is in early access. Come along with us while we create Game Discovery.

Powerful search across multiple stores

Search for cool new games across multiple stores and platforms. Discover your next favorite game here on Oberion but buy it at your favorite store.

Powerful Search

Curated storefront

Use Oberion to browse for new games without stumbling upon hundreds of shovelware games. Get a curated selection of the best new indie games.

Curated Storefront

Find niche games and assess them at a glance

Get a detailed description of an interesting game, see its features at a glance, and how it compares to your favorite games. Use Oberion to make an informed decision whether to buy a game or not.

Niche Games


The goal is to raise awareness for innovative but hidden indie gems.

Players who like niche games or just crazy new indie games should not spend hours searching for that one game that will blow their mind again. Oberion makes your gaming library more transparent, easily browsable, and similar games comparable at a glance.

Too many high-quality indie games go unnoticed. Passionate developers who have put hundreds and thousands of hours of development time into their games should not be forced to abandon video games simply because nobody knows about their projects. Oberion solves this challenge which has been described as the "discoverability problem".

The scattered landscape of different online stores is brought together here at Oberion.


Thomas Uta

Thomas Uta

Founder & Developer

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