First level completed - Backlog Challenge

Thomas Uta
Thomas Uta

Founder & Data Engineer at Oberion. Likes strategy and meaningful stories. Entrepreneur and retired Minesweeper pro player.

1 minute read · 23 November 2019

The backlog challenge is live! It has been a long journey but we made it! Go ahead and log in with your Steam account on the top right. ↗

Backlog challenge preview

The backlog challenge helps you to not only track how many games you've played so far but also to set a goal on how many games you want to play until the end of the year. You will be able to see how good you and the community is doing and hopefully stay motivated to try all the games you wanted to play!

You also get some nifty stats about your Steam account. How large is your Backlog Pie? 🥧

Thomas' account stats

As a thank you for trying out Oberion in such an early stage, we'll give you an exclusive early bird badge, which will stand out in your profile from now on forever! 😀

Early bird