What is Oberion?

Oberion merges the benefits of a curated storefront with a powerful recommendation engine, a marketing tool, and SteamSpy-grade analytics for PC games on Steam. We aim to solve the problem of discoverability caused by the ever-increasing number of daily PC game releases on the Steam storefront.


Explore a curated storefront for Steam games. Assess games at a glance. Find your next hidden indie gem.


Find the players that might be interested while keeping the marketing budget low. We match your games with the right players.


Analyze the games on Steam and discover hidden connections. Use this knowledge to build your new game.

Find your target audience

As an indie developer you want to know details about your target audience . Use Oberion to design and price your game accordingly.

Knowledge about the gaming market

As an analyst you need to have access to data about the success and the usage of games from your competitors. Use Oberion to learn what audiences might like and dislike.

Curated storefront

As an enthusiast gamer you want to explore new games that just released. You want a list that is filtered or curated to your preferences but still shows new releases. Use Oberion to browse for new games without stumbling upon hundreds of shovelware games. You discover them here but feel free to buy them at the stores of your choice such as Steam, GOG and all the others.

Find niche games and assess them at a glance

As an enthusiast gamer you want a detailed description of the game, its features at a glance, and how it compares to your favorite games. Use Oberion to make an informed decision whether to buy a game or not.

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